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AMRI SYSTEMS – A solutions driven tech and recruitment space for emerging and established enterprises

Harnessing professional expertise, years of seasoned experience, and a keen entrepreneurial vision,

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SWAN (Skilled Workforce Advancing Nation) – Upskilling the youth and creating value for the Nation  

Look up the most recent statistics on a country's youthful workforce, and

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Discover the Next Big Thing in Playtime: Tiny Explorer’s COSMOS Play Couches

Open-ended play is free-form and flexible, allowing children to direct activities without

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Supporting Working Mothers Across Their Career Journey: A Necessity for Workplace Retention

Retaining and attracting working mothers poses a significant challenge for organizations in

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Write Motifs: This startup aims to aid the process of self-improvement and personality development through journaling.

Whether you're trying to overcome writer's block or just want to pour

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