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Label Juhi Malhotra: Inspiring Handcrafted Excellence, and Growth in India’s Artisanal Heritage.

In the heart of creativity lies a story of profound inspiration and unwavering dedication.    Founded on the pillars of love, loss, and a shared passion for creativity, Juhi Malhotra's

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Unveiling the Artistic Tapestry with PAVITRA’S ARTWORK – A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

We have all been endowed with certain unique skills; all it takes is a little effort on our part to discover them, and once we do, our life changes for

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Get Red-Carpet Ready with House of Praniv’s Celebrity-Style Jewelry Collection

Celebrities are fascinating not only because they are charming and likable, but also because of the clothes and jewelry they wear. This is especially true for jewelry. When people, especially

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POPS of PASTEL STUDIO: Bringing together a community of passionate individuals to celebrate creativity.

From a childhood dream to a vibrant reality resonating with art and diverse talents, Shriya Satish’s journey as the founder of POPS of PASTEL STUDIO has been one of trials

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Weaving A Legacy: Handloom Emporium’s Tale of Timeless Sarees

Sarees, an intrinsic part of Indian tradition, weave stories of culture and heritage. Handloom Emporium, founded in 1967 by the late Mr. KC Bhatia and now led by Vichitra Bhatia

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Artistry at its Finest: Discover the Allure of MERAKI BY RASHMI’s Resin and Crystal Art

Art has varied means of expressing itself, it is up to the creative artist to seek those means and channel them into meaningful art. MERAKI BY RASHMI is one such

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